Who We Are

Kesavatheeram commenced its journey way back to 1986, as a small Ayurvedic village clinic attached with a medicine selling pharmacy. But it was a historical beginning. As a man of long vision, clear strategy and total social commitment, Sree Vediramana Vishnu Namboodiri, converted it into an Ayurvedic hospital in 1998 with all facilities at Purachery, a beautiful village, located just 2km away from the Ezhilode junction on NH17, enroute Calicut-Manglore. It is really a voyage of success. He established it to promote Ayurveda- the natural healing science of life and disease management to the common people all over the world.

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Our Hospital follows the Indian vedic tradition of Ayurveda. The name ‘Kesavatheeram’ itself is a memoriam dedicated to the late Sree Vediramana illathu Kesavan Namboothiri who was a vedic scholar and spiritual acharya belonging to the Thanthri family of Vediramana illam having a lineage of Indian Vedic tradition.

He really loved and deeply learned Ayurveda. His life was a true dedication to generate genuine awareness on the greatness of Ayurveda. The late Aryavaidya Sree ‘C.K. Nambiar’ and Vaidya vibhushan Sri ‘Chandra Shekharan Vaidyar’ extended great support to Sri late Vediramana Kesavan Namboodiri in fulfilling his noble cause. His son Sri Vediramana Vishnu Namboothiri, the present MD of Kesavatheeram, decided to make the ‘Dream Project’ of his beloved father a reality by opening the present hospital, as a unit of ‘Kesavatheeram Ayurveda Gramam’ having all the blessing of the great Mother-nature in its true spirit.

The village is located in the valley of the historically famous ‘Ezhimala hills’ noted in Puranas for being the vast reservoir of natural herbs and the hospital is functioning in an eco- friendly building having the traditional Kerala ethnic vasthu structure called’ Nalukettu’.

To begin with it was a Village Clinic. But later extended its service to almost all branches of Ayurveda. It has got all the ambiance of a traditional Ayurvedic hospital at its classic level. A panel of experienced doctors providing 24hrs homely and friendly service is our speciality. It is our prestige to declare that 3 doctors including lady doctors serving the hospital belong to the same family of Vediramana lineage. All the premium facilities are available at affordable rate. Our treatments and therapies are backed with quality approved medicines from GMP certified company having years of tradition in medicinal preparation, where the entire manufacturing process is monitored by physicians who are qualified and experienced in preparing the traditional medicines.

Kesavatheeram has got public accreditation as a premier center of ayurveda in north Malabar and pioneer in ayurveda at Payyannur.We provide very authentic treatments of Panchakarma in a very professional way. As an establishment from the family of Vedic lineage, Kesavatheeram is indebted to keep up and practice the sublime tradition of Ayurveda in its true spirit. Ever since its inception, Kesavatheeram has been in the forefront to provide the best Ayurvedic treatment against a wide range of diseases.

The True Healing Power

Majority of the patients undergoing Ayurvedic treatment at Kesavatheeram feel a divine touch in curing their diseases. They leave the hospital with top level of satisfaction that their health has been regained very miraculously. It may be because of an unknown invisible power present in the campus. People reach Kesavatheeram in a distressful mood of pain and disappointment after a long trial of experiences with several medicines and treatment at various hospitals. But they go back to home from this wonderful land of love and care of Ayurveda as perfectly healthy and happy persons. Several people who had no positive effect of Ayurvedic treatments in other hospitals show wonderful changes at Kesavatheeram.

To the people who seek the secret of our success, the doctors at kesavatheeram has only one thing to say, that is “we do the most scientific Ayurvedic treatments in its true spirit and purity insisted by the traditional Ayurvedic texts and Thaliyola’s, and the rest is left to god”. All the wonderful and successful medical reports from kesavatheeram owe the credit to the greatness of Ayurveda and to the blessings of the great Lord Dhanwanthari, the God of Ayurveda.

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To be a global leader in Ayurvedic healthcare, Kesavatheeram aspires to create a new era in traditional health care, emphasizing authenticity, affordability, and excellence, and to serve as a center for preserving cultural heritage.


Kesavatheeram Ayurveda is committed to providing accessible, authentic, and affordable Ayurvedic healthcare, while contributing to nature preservation and community well-being.

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